[Hong Kong] Catalunya - Restaurant Week Winners Edition

I actually missed Restaurant Week in Hong Kong this summer since I was traveling during that period but because Catalunya won the "Best Spanish Restaurant" award from Dining City, they have extended their Restaurant Week Menu until the end of August! I've been here before for their fabulous weekend brunch so I was excited to try their new creations that were created specifically for RW and not yet on the a la carte menu. I came here to try the 3 course lunch menu which cost HK$198 per person with a big group so I got to try every single appetizer, main and dessert!

To start off with, we were given an amuse bouche Spherical Olives which looked like an ordinary olive at first but when you put it in your mouth, the molecular gelatin shell exploded and released a burst of olive oil! I've just had something similar in Barcelona at Disfrutar which specializes in molecular gastronomy and it was the most amazing thing I've ever tried. The version at Catalunya was good too but I found the flavor to be a bit heavy and dense like olive oil - it would have been better if it was lighter texture and flavor wise.


The Arzak's Egg with tomato ragout and basil was a lightly flavored appetizer with a perfectly poached 63 degrees egg which we broke the yolk and mixed it with the ragout to eat.

The Eggplant Tartare with smoked anchovies, mango puree and yogurt was surprisingly flavorful and I loved the addition of mango and yogurt here which balanced the eggplant and anchovies perfectly. 

The Gazpacho was my favorite out of the 3 appetizers as the cold soup was refreshing to drink in the summer time along with the sorbet and berries which made it all the more delicious to consume!


The Mushroom Pasta with wild mushroom ragout was very aromatic with al dente pasta but the sauce felt a bit dry and thick for me. 

The Slow-cooked Salmon with cauliflower puree, roquette salad and piquillo pepper jelly was cooked to perfection with a soft and tender texture while the flavors were light. The scallop was separated and felt more like an afterthought as it didn't really fit into the flavors of the dish.

The Beef Stripling with spinach puree, roasted garlic and beetroot was a bit overcooked for me and could have used more seasoning while I thoroughly enjoyed the mashed potato and beetroot sauce. 


The Dark Chocolate Tart with vanilla ice cream was surprisingly lovely because I thought the tart would have been quite heavy to eat but its frozen temperature made it seem more like a cold chocolate bar which turned out to be very irresistible especially with the ice cream!

The Panna Cotta with mixed berries was also a delight as the texture was soft yet chewy with light flavors that were perfectly complemented with the fresh fruits.

The Crema Catalana Crunch with mixed berry soup looked gorgeous and was the most anticipated dessert for me but the crema catalana inside the fried wrappings tasted a bit heavy for me.

Last but not least, we had to get the signature Bikini sandwich here with Iberico ham, truffle and cheese!

Verdict - given the reasonable prices, I think the Restaurant Week lunch offers a great value for your buck and I was informed that the restaurant will incorporate some of these new dishes into their regular menu after the RW promotion is over so you will still have a chance to try these even if you didn't make it to Catalunya for RW!

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