[Hong Kong] Cobo House - New Dessert Degustation Menu

Cobo House by 2am:dessertbar from Asia's Best Pastry Chef Janice Wong has just launched an exciting new Dessert Degustation Menu where you can choose from two editions - Memories of Childhood and Hues and Colors of Taste! Each themed menu consists of 3 desserts and 3 corresponding mocktail or tea pairing which is presented in a thoughtful order and offered at a reasonable price of HK$298/person (minimum 2 people). The new menu is available at lunch and dinner on weekdays and all day on the weekends. Sitting at the dessert bar so we can watch our desserts come to live, J and I ordered one of each menu so we got to try all 6 different desserts together!

The Hues and Colors of Taste degustation is meant to celebrate art and we started the journey with a new spring dessert of Strawberry Caprese with raspberry fluff, strawberry ice cream, fresh and vinegar-cured strawberry, sakura pearls, tonka snow, Chartreuse jelly and strawberry consomme. The colorful dessert with shades of red and pink were pleasant to the eyes and even more refreshing to the taste buds. 

Each dessert is carefully paired with a mocktail or tea which are all created by Janice herself - even the teas are uniquely created in partnership with tea producers! Both the mocktail and tea pairing sounded really good but we ended up getting the mocktail pairing for most of our desserts except for one. This Strawberry Caprese was paired with a mocktail of Rosy No.2 with Hibiscus tea, grape juice, lemon juice, rose syrup, rose vanilla foam which was beautifully presented with a trail of rose petals.

The next dessert Purple is inspired by Janice's first painting (which is used as a base of the dessert) and only uses purple-colored ingredients - purple potato puree, blackberry parfait, leather and lavender marshmallow. I loved the vivid colors of this creation and the mocktail pairing of Lavenilla Fizz was equally colorful with lavender vanilla syrup, pear juice, bergamont puree and nutmeg.

The last dessert of this degusation is a signature of 2am:dessertbar and my favorite Chocolate H2O with an aerated frozen 65% dark chocolate, Evian water, salted caramel and Kochi yuzu sorbet. It is appropriately paired with a Nitro Coffee with nitrogen-infused 48-hour cold brew Costadoro coffee that is adorned with a cacao caramel crisp on the whisky glass it is served in. 

Moving on to the other menu, the Memories of Childhood is a journey into our memories as kids and we started with the playful dessert of Popcorn with sweet and salty popcorn, yuzu parfait and passion fruit sorbet. Inspired by cinema popcorn, the dessert tasted better than when I had it last time and I loved the mocktail pairing of Popsoda with smoked salted popcorn syrup, yuzu, passion fruit puree and soda even more!

The Kyoto Garden is another new creation with orange blossom ice cream rock, pistachio microwave sponge, pistachio parfait, orange blossom jelly, apricot compote and lemongrass ganache which is used to depict the rake waves of a zen garden. This dessert was J's favorite and the flavors were very interesting as each of the ingredients had strong flavors that can stand on its own and yet were able to come together seamlessly as well. The mocktail pairing of Sabi Sabi with green apple puree, wasabi, lemongrass syrup, elderflower cordial, lime juice and ginger beer was also a delight to drink especially with a hint of spiciness from the wasabi!

The Basil White Chocolate was a unique combination of basil, passion fruit pate de fruit, coconut marshmallow sherbet, passion fruit fluff and sea grapes. I'm not really sure how I feel about sea grapes in a dessert but it is certainly bold and outside of the box. We chose the tea pairing this time with the Creme Brulee Tea which sounded very interesting and had a distinctly sweet aroma to it! 

Verdict - we thoroughly enjoyed the dessert and drinks pairing at Cobo House as every single dessert we had here was like a work of art. The new dessert degustation menu is perfect for those who want to sample a number of Janice Wong's sweet creations all at once so grab your friends and start eating!

Cobo House by 2am: Dessert Bar
8-12 South Lane, Shek Tong Tsui
Tel: +852 2656 3088


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