[Tokyo] Tamahide 玉ひで - Birthplace of Oyakodon

Rating: ❤❤❤❤

Tamahide is somewhat of an institution in Tokyo having been around for 250 years and supposedly invented the oyakodon (Japanese chicken and egg) dish 130 years ago! There are many places that serves quality okayodon nowadays but what sets Tamahide apart is their use of shamo which is a type of game fowl unique to Japan. We came here for lunch one day and unfortunately the lines are ridiculously long which snaked in front of the restaurant and continued around the corner. We ended up waiting for nearly an hour before we got to eat but even though the food was pretty good, I can't honestly say it was really worth the wait. 

For lunch, there are 4 options: Original Oyakodon (¥1500), "Three Taste" Oyakodon (¥1900), Oyakodon with White Liver (¥2000) and Ultimate Oyakodon (¥2200) which was sold out. We ended up getting the "Three Taste" Oyakodon which comes with wings, thigh and breast parts as well as the Liver Oyakodon.  

Once you make it into the restaurant, you have to take off your shoes and proceed to the counter to pay for your order. It's a smart system actually since we still had to wait a bit before we get to enter the dining room and by taking our order in advance, our food would be delivered right away when we finally get to sit down. 

We each got a small cup of shamo chicken soup to drink first which was very fragrant and flavorful.

Our bowls of oyakodon quickly followed and lifting the lid off from our rice bowls revealed perfectly cooked egg mixture that was super soft and moist. The okayodon was definitely really good and the type of comfort food that I can eat again and again, but I'm just not sure it was good enough to justify the long wait considering you can get similar level of quality elsewhere. But if you don't the wait, then go for it and you won't be disappointed with the delicious bowl of okayodon here!

Tamahide 玉ひで
1-17-10 Nihonbashiningyocho Chuo Tokyo 
東京都 中央区 日本橋人形町 1-17-10
Tel: +81-3-3668-7651

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