[Tokyo] La Bombance ラ・ボンバンス

Rating: ❤❤❤1/2

La Bombance is a 1* restaurant in Tokyo and by now most people in Hong Kong would have heard of it since we just got our very own version of it in Causeway Bay! We ended up trying the original in Tokyo because our family wanted to try it after hearing about the opening of the HK branch. Headed by chef Makoto Okamoto, the restaurant serves "New Japanese Cuisine" which was not exactly traditional kaiseki. In fact, we found the flavors to be very Chinese-inspired for some of the dishes and while the dishes were creative in general, we weren't wholly impressed with the food here and only one of them really stood out to us. Only one set menu of 9 courses is served at ¥10,000 which was pretty good value while the service was friendly and attentive. 

Initially our taxi dropped us off at the back of the restaurant and we had a hard time finding the entrance until we walked back onto the main street. After descending down a flight of stairs into the restaurant, we found ourselves in a dimly lit dining room with a long counter on one side and several tables on the other which is where we sat.

鰻おこわ (Eel rice ball)
いさき炙り (Sashimi of grunt)

鮎とうもろこし (Sweetfish rolled corn)
鯵焼きおにぎり (Horse mackerel rice ball)
いちじく胡麻クリーム (Fig with sesame sauce)

甘鯛のお椀 (Red tilefish and eggplant soup)

フォアグラ茶碗蒸し (Custard-like egg and vegetable dish steamed in a cup of foie gras and shark fin) - this was the one dish we were truly impressed with where everything came together perfectly (even though I could have done without the shark fin). 

ウニ茶漬け (Tea on rice with sea urchin and shrimp)

ハタ黒酢蒸し (Steamed grouper with black vinegar) - this dish reminded me of Cantonese-style steamed fish. 

地鶏炭火焼き (Charcoal-grilled chicken)

かき揚げ素麺 (Noodle with deep-fried vegetables) - the sauce that we dipped the noodles in had hints of flavors that you would find in Sichuanese dishes. 

白いコーヒー&黒ゴマシャーベット (White coffee and black sesame sherbet)
抹茶アイス&黒蜜ゼリー (Green tea ice with jelly and fruit)

Lastly, we each got a jar of the spicy sauce that was used in the noodle with deep-fried vegetables dish as souvenirs. It's not really spicy enough by Chinese standards but the aroma is certainly appetizing.

La Bombance ラ・ボンバンス

2-26-21 Nishiazabu Minato Tokyo 
東京都 港区 西麻布 2-26-21 ニューシティレジデンス B1F
Tel: +81-3-5778-6511

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