[Hong Kong] Tsujiri 辻利茶舖 - Get Ready for Another Wave of Matcha Craze

Another Japanese tea house has arrived in Hong Kong and this time it's Tsujiri (辻利茶舖) which has over 150 years of history in Kyoto! Given Hong Konger's love for anything matcha, expect long queues at Tsujiri's take-away shop in IFC for the time being. The tea house is most famous for its high quality matcha and people from all over the world flock to its shops in Kyoto for its matcha desserts. Comparisons with the other Japanese tea house Nakamura Tokichi (中村藤吉) is inevitable so how does Tsujiri stack up? Let's find out. 

I came here around 2:30pm on a weekday afternoon and the line was already snaking around the corner. The take-out shop has limited standing room in front of the shop only if you wish to enjoy your treats right then and there.

The Japanese CEO of Tsujiri happened to be there for a media interview so I snuck in a few shots as well. 

The menu offers a variety of drinks including hot and cold tea (matcha, houjicha, sencha and genmaicha), latte, ice blended drinks, and ice cream floats. For sweets, the line up includes roll cakes, puddings, soft serve and sundaes. It was very hard to choose at first but I ended up trying both of their sundaes along with a roll cake for take away!

The first sundae I tried was the Tsujiri Sundae ($68) which included layers of soft serve on top of red bean paste and crunchy roasted brown rice along with matcha jelly, mochi and a wafer with the word "tea" in kanji on it. You can choose from 4 different flavors of ice cream - Matcha, Houjicha, Hokkaido milk and Matcha + Milk twist. The milk soft serve is made with ultra creamy Hokkaido 8.0 milk so the ice cream was really creamy and milky since I got the Matcha + Milk twist flavor.

The sundae that I recommend to try is the IFC Limited Edition Waffle Sundae ($78) whose content is similar to the Tsujiri Sundae except that it also comes with a mini roll cake (plus a spoon that looks like IFC!). I had the matcha flavored soft serve this time and it was rich with a very creamy texture. So how does Tsujiri compare against Nakamura Tokichi? I would say that the soft serve at Tsujiri has a richer milky flavor while Nakamura has a stronger tea flavor so it depends on what your preference is.

I also got a Tsujiri Roll Cake ($238) to eat at home which comes in two flavors - Matcha and Houjicha. The cake was soft and moist while the matcha cream filling was flavorful but not too sweet - another highy recommended must-try item!

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Tsujiri 辻利茶舖

Shop 3012, IFC
8 Harbour View Street, Central

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