[Tokyo] Ginza Hirayama 銀座ひらやま - Steakhouse

Rating: ❤❤❤❤

After our life-changing experience with Japanese beef at Shima, we wanted to try more steakhouses in Tokyo and the up-and-coming Ginza Hirayama was next on our list where the chef had worked at the famous introduction-only Kawamura before. Kawamura, Shima and Ginza Hirayama all utilize the same style of cooking by using binchotan (Japanese charcoal) to grill their high-quality beef which serves to lock in the juiciness of the meat inside. We came here for lunch which was a better deal than dinner with 4 lunch sets to choose from at ¥5000, ¥6000, ¥8000 to ¥15000. All lunch sets comes with soup, salad, beef course, rice and dessert so the only difference in price point is in the beef course (options include hamburger and different cuts of beef). We went for the most expensive one which came with a 100g of Japanese Wagyu fillet steak.

Compared to Shima, the interior of Ginza Hirayama was much more upscale and classy with a curved wooden counter around the open kitchen. There's also a private room that can seat up to 8 people as well. 

After we selected our course, Hirayam-san then showed us the beef he would be using for our steak which turned out to be a virgin female cow from Miyazaki. 

Hirayama-san preparing our beef by trimming the fat on the outside away before grilling.

The first course was the Soup of the Day which was a mushroom soup made with Italian Girolle where the flavors were rather light.

The Salad was impressive though as all the of the vegetables tasted really fresh and crisp while dressing was refreshingly acidic.

My fillet came medium rare just as I ordered where the insides were still beautifully pink. While the steak was super tender and moist, I thought it wasn't as inherently sweet and flavorful as the ones at Shima though. 

The next course was the rice course where we got to choose between plain rice and garlic rice. Definitely go for the garlic rice as it was simply one of the best I've ever had! It was prepared right in front of us where we can smell the delicious aroma of garlic fill the room during the cooking. Not only was it fragrant and flavorful, each grain of rice was perfectly al dente as well.

Watch as Hirayama-san prepares our garlic rice!

Lastly, we received a dessert platter of flan, raspberry sorbet and chocolate roll which were all surprisingly tasty with our choice of coffee or tea.

Overall, I enjoyed my lunch experience at Ginza Hirayama even though I'd still prefer the steak in Shima. The quality of the supporting dishes here were all very good while the ones at Shima can be rather inconsistent. As Hirayama-san is still quite young, I'm sure he will only get better and better in due time. 

Ginza Hirayama 銀座ひらやま
7-17-1 Ginza Chuo Tokyo 
東京都 中央区 銀座 7-17-1 武蔵野ビル1F
Tel: +81-3-6264-0688

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