[Hong Kong] 5 Non-Traditional Mooncakes for Mid-Autumn 2017

Mid-Autumn Festival is coming up which means it's time for mooncakes! If you're not a fan of traditional mooncakes, I've compiled a list of non-traditional mooncake ideas so you can still indulge in the celebrations while impressing family and friends!

1. Whisky Chocolate Mooncake from InterContinental Grand Standford

Made with 3 different whiskys from award-winning Kavalan Distillery in Taiwan (Kavalan Classic, Kavalan Solist Ex-Bourbon and Kavalan Solist Amontillado), these creative whisky chocolate mooncakes are perfect for whisky lovers but rest assured, the whisky flavors are mild enough that everyone can still enjoy the sweet treats.

Price: HK$468/box of 3

2. Limited Edition Mott 32 x Pierre Herme Mooncakes

Everyone's favorite macaron patisserie Pierre Herme has paired up with Mott 32 to create unique mooncakes with 4 different flavors:
- Ispahan (almond, raspberry and rose cake layered with a litchi fruit paste and covered with a pink chocolate coating)
Qin Yin (almond and jasmine cake layered with a grapefruit fruit paste and covered with a blond chocolate coating)
Vanilla (almond and vanilla cake covered with a vanilla chocolate coating)
- Qi Qiao (almond and orange blossom cake layered with a Kumquat fruit paste and covered with a white chocolate coating)

Price: HK$690/box of 4 (pre-order price of HK$580)

3. Nakamura Tokichi Matcha Mooncakes with Tea Bags

This year, Nakmura Tokichi has upped the amount of handpicked tencha leaves by 150% in the matcha mooncakes to deliver even richer matcha flavors! Available in 3 different box sets, the mooncakes conveniently come with premium Japanese tea bags which can be enjoyed with the cakes together. 

Price: HK$488/box of 4 (pre-order price of HK$458)

4. FeedMe Guru x Jouer Macaron Mooncakes

Jouer is offering mooncake-flavored macarons in 6 flavors (white lotus, custard, mung bean, wu-reng nuts, taro jam and date jam) in addition to actual mooncakes in playful flavors such as milk tea, horlicks and kaya & salt. What's more, the gorgeous octagonal bamboo gift box is definitely worth keeping around as decoration or storage! The Jouer gift box is available on the FeedMe Guru platform along with 10 other mooncake options. 

Price: HK$420 (macarons only) / HK$980 (macarons + mooncakes)
Order online: https://www.feedmeguru.com/spmenu/booknow/61525 (use my code "MELISSAMC" to get 5% off)
5. Pam's Moon-Cheesecake

Founded by Mama Pam and her daughter, Pam's specializes in cheesecakes and jams and for Mid-Autumn this year, it's delivering the moon right into your hands in the shape of a cheesecake. With a layer of salted egg yolk spread on top of the creamy cheesecake, you've never had a mooncake like this before!

Price: HK$228/box of 2
Order online: https://www.pamshk.com/shop/mooncheesecake2017 

Happy eating and happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

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