[Hong Kong] Sha Tin 18 - Best Peking Duck in Hong Kong?

Rating: ❤❤❤❤1/2 (4.5/5)

I've been wanting to visit Sha Tin 18 at Hyatt Regency since I hear that it serves one of the best Peking duck in Hong Kong and when I saw one of their new dishes - the Flambé Char Siu with Chinese rose wine - making the rounds on social media, I immediately gathered my friends to check it out since I love char siu! Both the Peking duck and Flambe Char Siu needed to be pre-ordered so we ordered the rest of the dishes once we got there. 

The Traditional Peking Duck (傳統北京烤填鴨) was carved right at our table with three different cuts served - skin, breast meat, and thigh meat with skin - before using the rest to stir-fry as a separate dish. We were instructed to enjoy the different cuts as follow:
1. Crispy duck skin with a sprinkle of white sugar
2. Breast meat with pancake, cucumber, leeks and soya bean paste 
3. Thigh meat with pancake, cucumber, leeks, soya bean paste and a touch of garlic paste

I have to say that the crispy skin and the flavorful thigh meat were simply irresistible - it's one of my top three picks for Peking duck in Hong Kong for sure. 

The second course of the Peking duck was the Wok-fried Minced Duck with Iceberg Lettuce (生菜片鴨鬆).

The next item we were all waiting anxiously for was the Flambé Char Siu with Chinese Rose Wine (火焰玫瑰露叉燒)! The flambé created an extra layer of caramelization and char on the edges of the pork which was not only tasty but also super fragrant from the Chinese rose wine. It also came with a bowl of rice where you can drizzle pig lard on it (豬油撈飯) - this is just comfort food at its best and I would eat this everyday if I could!

The entire room was filled with the enticing aroma of the Chinese rose wine while our char siu was being prepared. 

Drizzle as much pig lard and sweet soy sauce onto the rice as you wish. 

The Wok-fried Chicken with Garlic, Chilli and Sichuan Pepper (香麻辣子農家雞) was recommended by a friend which was deliciously spicy! 

The Steamed Crab with Egg, Minced Pork and Preserved Soya Beans (
豉香蒸鮮膏蟹缽) looked really cute with the crab shell and claws sticking out of the pot but the flavors were kind of disappointing as the minced pork turned out rather bland. 

The Steamed Garoupa Belly with Preserved Green Beans and Wild Chilli (
野山椒酸辣豆角蒸龍躉斑腩) was surprisingly tasty as the green beans garnish on top was super flavorful (albeit a bit salty) - best to be eaten with a bowl of rice. 

Finally we finished our meal with the Sha Tin 18 Dessert Platter which came with a myriad of creative desserts including the Chinese Preserved Bean Curd Cheese Cake (腐乳芝士蛋糕), Chilled Chrysanthemum with Pear Panna Cotta (菊花雪梨奶凍)Wolfberries with Osmanthus Flower Jelly (杞子桂花糕), Red Date Madeleine (紅棗貝殼蛋糕) and White Sesame Ice Cream!

Sha Tin 18 at Hyatt Recency

18 Chak Cheung St, Ma Liu Shui
Tel: +852 3723 7932

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