[Hong Kong] Bitters and Sweets - Cocktail Lounge with Spam Fries and S'mores!

The only things a woman may love more than shopping may be cocktails and desserts which explains why Bitters and Sweets is so popular among my friends lately! Located in the same building as Honi Honi on Wellington Street, the new concept cocktail lounge offers signature cocktails with homemade bitters and creative desserts in a comfortable setting. The space is large and spacious with floor-to-ceiling windows and a bar counter with comfortable high chairs to watch the mixologists work their magic.

With 10 signature cocktails to choose from, I had a hard time picking what I wanted because they all sounded pretty interesting so I went for the Gin & Tea Tonic ($130) with gin, oolong, rose and passion fruit since I was still nursing a sore throat. It looked romantic with rose buds floating on top while the taste was smooth and enjoyable. Other recommendations from my friends include the Smokey Joe with coffee bourbon, chestnut and cherry wood smoke and the Sesame with spiced rum, hazelnut and roasted black sesame. 
bitters and sweets gin and tea tonic

To be honest, I was really here for the snacks especially this crazy indulging Spam Fries ($90)! It's quite genius actually and really easy to make - besides who doesn't love spam? Paired with spicy mayo, the spam fries were deliciously crunchy and irresistible to eat!
bitters and sweets spam fries

bitters and sweets spam fries

I continued my indulgence for the night with the classic S'mores ($90) with marshmallow, chocolate and homemade graham crackers! The graham crackers were a bit soft and crumbly while the golden brown marshmallow and the rich velvety chocolate formed a luscious combination that was so good we asked for spoons to finish it off after we ran out of crackers. 
bitters and sweets smores

Verdict - the delicious cocktails and snacks coupled with a casual ambiance make Bitters and Sweets a great place to hang out with girlfriends while chit-chatting the night away! Just be careful not to eat too many spam fries and s'mores because you may have to spend the next couple of days at the gym to make up for it. 

Bitters and Sweets
1/F, 52-54 Wellington Street, Central
Tel: +852 2788 0103

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