[Tokyo] Totoro Cream Puffs at Shiro-Hige Bakery

More cuteness to come and this time, it's Totoro cream puffs at Shiro-Hige's Cream Puff Factory in Setagayadaita! Located in a quiet little suburb that is around 10 minutes from Shinjuku by train, it took us a while to find the actual shop which looked like more of a house with the first floor being the bakery and the upper floors being the cafe. 

You can choose to take out or dine in their cafe, and currently there are 4 flavors to choose from - original custard, chocolate, strawberry and green tea. From their website, it looks like they have other flavors like peach, chestnut, caramel banana and plum which would be available seasonally. 

Beside the Totoro cream puffs, there are also other Totoro pastry goods like cookies for sale as well. 

I ended up bringing these little fellas home which were the strawberry and green tea flavors! I was initially worried that they wouldn't make the trip home but they survived. They looked so cute and innocent with no idea what's about to happen to them ><.

Totoro dissection! I was able to do a pretty clean cut of the pastry in half as it was quite crispy and harder than I'd thought it would be. The matcha filling was really scrumptious with bits of red beans inside along with rich green tea flavors!

The strawberry Totoro was made with strawberries from Wakayama apparently and this flavor is only available from January to June. The filling was deliciously fresh and sweet with an enticing aroma as well!

Access: Take the Odakyu Odawara Local Line and get off at Setagayadaita Station. 

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