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Even though food trucks are not legalized in Hong Kong yet, you can still find food truck inspired menu like the one at Boomshack! Located conveniently in LKF, the playful menu of burgers and tacos with a mix of American, Mexican and Asian flavors is perfect for a casual meal during the day or a late night grub after a night of dancing. 

The decor is quirky and colorful with an imitation of a food truck inside along with a few large and small wooden tables for seating. 

For drinks, you can have your choice of weapon between beer, spirits or wine but I'm more of a cocktails kind of gal so I ended up trying a few of their cocktails which were all tequila based. I'm not usually a fan of tequila but all of their cocktails were quite delish to drink actually.

Strawberry Balsamic ($90) - with a touch of chili, bitters and tequila. This was my favorite cocktail of the night as the combo was unique with strawberry and balsamic vinegar! It was sweet and tangy with a hint of spiciness at the same time. 

Habanero Corn ($90) - with ginger and tequila. This drink was sweet and spicy - great for those who love a spicy kick in their cocktails. 

Mayan ($90) - with aji-amarillo, pineapple juice and tequila, this cocktail is perfect for those who love a sweet and fruity drink.

Chips and Salsa - we started off the night with these crispy tortilla chips and 3 kinds of dips - cheese, salsa and guacamole. 

Fajita - we also had the pleasure of previewing this new creation that is not yet on the menu! The beef arrived sizzling on a hot iron skillet while the smoky aroma wafted into our noses to whet our appetite. To assemble, we were told to grab a tortilla and place the beef, bell peppers along with condiments of sour cream, guacamole and salsa to eat. I love fajitas and the beef here was very juicy and full of flavors.

Moving on to the Boom Burgers!

Holy Kimchi ($88) - with corned beef, house kimchi, cheddar cheese and baconnaise. OMG baconnaise! How can anyone resist bacon flavored mayo? But I thought this burger was a bit oily while the corned beef was a tad salty.

King Kong ($98) - with beef & spam patty, bok choy, provolone and XO mayo. I enjoyed the spam but felt that the beef patty could have been more flavorful.

Vintage ($78) - with house ground beef and three cheese blend, this is a ever classic burger with tomato, onion and pickle. It's a bit typical for sure but at least it never goes out of fashion.

TexMexican ($98) - with house ground beef, chipotle mayo, quinoa manchego, chili rellano, provolone and salsa verde. This was an interesting creation and I especially liked the chewy quinoa manchego cake but I thought this burger on the whole was quite light in flavor. 

Beet Fries ($58) - one of the must-try items here - beetroot fries with kewpie mayo! The beet fries were a delicious shade of purple with a crispy exterior while the inside retained the freshness of the beetroot. It was sweet and soft which went perfectly with the kewpie mayo sprinkled with shichimi on top!

Tater Tots ($58) - this was a twist on the traditional tater tots with gouda cheese filling! Served with sriracha aioli, these were irresistible as they were light and crispy - I simply could not stop popping these into my mouth if not for my limited stomach space. 

Kungfu Fish Taco ($88) - with pan-seared white fish, curry sesame dressing, sambol avocado, orange and mango, this was a refreshing option after the meaty burgers and fries. 

Braised Beef & Cheese Taco - another sneak preview of a brand new creation! The beef was especially tender after being braised for a long period of time.

Chicken Waffle ($88) - I was most excited to try this signature item here! While I wished the waffle could have been crispier, I loved how the fried chicken was slightly sweet with a honey taste which went quite well with the 3 cheese blend filling!

Ice Cream Taco ($40) - even though I was stuffed, I still had room for dessert! With vanilla ice cream, waffle cone and chocolate, the taste wasn't all that unique to be honest as it was just ice cream and waffle cone but the presentation itself as a taco left a more memorable impression. Maybe they can have different ice cream flavors to shake things up a bit.

Nutella Banana Waffle ($50) - no explanation needed: it's two pieces of sugared waffle with banana and nutella inside. It's nutella so nothing to complain here!

Verdict - hip, fun and exciting, Boomshack is the place to go if you want that food truck experience with a creative and off-beat menu. 

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8-12 Wo On Lane, Central
Tel: 2660 5977

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